I am
Derek Krebs.

I live for coffee mugs.

Hello. My name is Derek Krebs.
Basically, I love coffee mugs. I really can't get enough.
Some might say I have an unhealthy obsession,
but I think it's just a passion.
This is who I am.

I, Derek Krebs, like this coffee mug because it has trees on it. I live nearby trees, so this coffee mug has sentimental value to me.

I, Derek Krebs, enjoy this cup because it's yellow! Someone was thinking outside the box on this one.

I, Derek Krebs, like to use this mug when I'm outdoors. It has a marmot on it.

I, Derek Krebs, like this mug because it reminds me of heavy metal. One of my co-workers really likes heavy metal. He's really cool, just like this mug.

I, Derek Krebs, live with my cat Mugsy. Wouldn't you know it, he likes mugs too! He's like a little person!

"I don't even like coffee. But I'll drink it just to hold the mug."

-Derek Krebs

This is a picture of me, Derek Krebs, down by the
St. Mary's river waiting for adventure. 

I, Derek Krebs, lost this coffee mug last year. I found it in the bushes, so I decided to pour in some coffee right there.

Sometimes I, Derek Krebs, like to have fun with my mugs. Here I am seeing how high I can hold the pitcher of coffee.

My friend told me, Derek Krebs, that a coffee mug on a boat was a bad idea. I just can't go without one!

I am Derek Krebs. This is a mug of my best friend Seth. He is a warrior for social justice.

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